Rimshot (stage play)

Production History:

Rimshot is unproduced, but has had a number of backers’ readings in New York and Miami.

Take four students of comedy and add to them a Kerouac-riffing philosopher/drummer, include a healthy dose of anger and nihilism, and you wind up with the dark comedy, Rimshot.

Buddies Andy and Howie meet buddies Sandy and Ronnie. All comics, they struggle to learn the “10 Rules of Comedy” as set forth by Sol Meltzer, their mutual mentor. As a love arc develops between Andy and Sandy, a sort of “hate” arc develops for Howie and Ronnie, who we learn are divorced and filled with loathing for the other. Andy and Sandy see more of each other, prompting Howie and Ronnie to keep their friends “on their side.” Burned before, Sandy is hesitant to take the leaps that Andy is asking of her. Meanwhile, Howie and Ronnie have decided to settle their differences on stage- funniest comic wins. The wager? They both want the same thing: pain and humiliation for the loser, and the conclusion they come to is as dangerous a bet that has ever been devised. Our guide through the pain and comedy is the Drummer, who not only dispenses rimshots to the comics, but also delivers “unto” us the 10 Rules of Comedy in his singular style.

While hilarious, Rimshot is hardly a feel-good play. To these people, hearts and psyches are simply fodder for a joke, and damn the consequences. There is as much pain as laughter in this play, and each moment of hilarity the audience experiences is likely to be followed by a moment of discomfort and fear.


 First four characters are comics in their early thirties

 Andy     Thin and neat.

Sandy     Single mother of a ten year old.

 Howie     A bit chubby. Pull his finger. ‘Nuff said.

 Ronnie     Big. Beautiful. Lesbian. A real triple threat.

 Drummer     A drummer, the comic’s best friend. Any age, hep cat.


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