Garbagemen of the Old West (stage play)

Production History:

Producer’s Club, NYC

Ohio University

Kansas State University


Jerome Johanning Playwriting Memorial Award

Joel Climenhaga Playwriting Award

Garbagemen of the Old West is centered around the lives of a pair of brothers in Kansas, Roy and Rowdy. Yeah, they’re both garbagemen, but sometimes the shit they haul around in their hearts is even more onerous than the bags of refuse they toss in the hopper of the garbage truck five days a week. And in a world where goods (and people) are tossed aside for the next shiny thing, they’ll be lucky if they come out of this with a single hope intact.


Roy, a garbageman

Rowdy, his younger brother, also a garbageman and former rodeo star

Aggie, Roy’s wife

Sam, a young housewife

Ken, a banker

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