Box of Betty (feature)

Feature Spec, Action/Comedy

When the ashes of Albert’s wife are mistaken for drugs by the Italian mob, he must rely on a beautiful, international thief to help him recapture the love his life. 

Sad widower Albert learns his dead wife’s sole desire was to see an opera in Verona, so he stands up his first blind date in years and jets off to Europe with his wife’s ashes. When her remains fall into the hands of a European drug ring, Albert searches for them, all the while being chased by a man-hating, heartbroken crime lord, a ruthless and lovelorn assassin, and the jilted, enraged blind date Albert abandoned (who evidently can’t take ‘no’ for an answer).

Through it all, Albert is aided by the lovely thief Sasa. Sasa is always running. Sure, she’s on the wrong side of the thugs, too, but there’s something else she can’t escape, no matter how fast she sprints. Together, Albert and Sasa navigate their way through some strange waters (Italy, the Adriatic Sea, love) and in the end, learn that happiness in life depends on what you decide to keep in your “box”–dusty memories of the past or the active, vital love of those around you.

You can read the first act of Box of Betty here.

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